Skid for Chemical Dosing and Water Treatment Plants :

Skid for Chemical Dosing & Water Treatment Plants Skid for Chemical Dosing & Water Treatment Plants
Chemical dosing skids can be produced with a mixture of materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel for base support frames, and pipe work in stainless steel or high alloys such as Hastelloy, Copro Nickel and Inconel.
Chemical dosing skids incorporate suction and discharge pipes which swiftly and safely deliver the chemicals to their destination, and our specialist designs and manufacturing process aim to reduce or prevent corrosion and deposition of the fluids being carried. A variety of valves and gauges are included in such designs, including fire safe stainless steel valves, pressure relief valves, pulsation dampers, in-line filters, Y type strainers, and pressure gauges.
Chemical dosing skids are manufactured to meet individual requirements and are both accurate and durable for all industrial applications. Product types include mixing, scrubbing, filtering, reactors, stripping, chemical dosing and cooking. Our chemical dosing skids can be used in a range of applications where vessels, pipe work, valving, controls and filters – among others – combine.
Designed to save costly site assembly and ensure the highest quality standards, our products are suitable for use in on- and off-shore industries including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, paper, food, nuclear power, and bio technology. Maximum dimensions for Satyam chemical dosing skids are 3.1 metres wide by 10 metres long per section, and up to 3 tonnes in weight. All products are fully welded and tested.
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