Self Supported Chimneys :

Chimneys, which form the last component of the system using fuel, such as boilers, plays a vital role in maintaining efficiency. Satyam manufactures Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, SA516 Gr.60/70 Chimneys as per requirement. Our chimneys discharge fluid gases produced in the boiler, furnaces as a result of fuel combustion. These Chimneys discharge fuel gases to such a height so that they do not create a nuisance to the surrounding environments, generally as per the recommendation of pollution control board norms. Self Supported Chimneys
Available in various heights, diameters and thickness, these chimneys are self-supported or guy rope supported. Provided with base plate, ladder, lightning arrestor & flanges, these chimneys are mostly used in Boiler Exhaust, Generator Exhaust or Gas exhaust in Chemical plants and for removal of harmful gases/fumes from the process.
Designs and manufactures Chimneys that are most safe and  durable. These are designed to provide easiest and simpler installations. With continuous innovations, we design our range of Industrial Chimneys, in accordance to the set international standards. The designs and construction standards of chimney is as per IS: 6533.
Manhole for Process Vessels :
We manufacture manholes that are made from stainless steel & carbon Steel that are durable as well as aesthetic also. We also make these as per the customer’s specifications in a variety of other shapes and designs with DAVIT arrangement also. Process Vessels
Now these types of Manholes are used for Distillation column, Pressure Vessels, Process & Reaction Vessels. These Manholes are also known as Quick opening type manholes.
Venturi Tubes :
We manufacture high quality Venturi Tubes in strict accordance with ASME MFC-3M, BS-1042 and ISO-5167 standards. These tubes give constant accuracy and provide the users with +/- 1.0 % uncertainty of discharge coefficient. These tubes are easy on maintenance and are effectively used in air, water, vapor, steam, gas, chemical substances, sludge and slurry applications. Owing to their excellent construction, these venturi tubes are highly demanded. Venturi Tubes
We manufacture the Venturies in carbon steel, alloy steel like Gr.11, Gr.22 and Gr.91 & stainless steel material.
Features :
These can be used for slurries and dirty fluids.
These possess a high pressure recovery.
These have low installation costs and are less prone to erosion.
Very easy to install and can be installed vertically or horizontally.
Being highly durable, they last longer as there are no rotary devices.
We manufacture Venturi Tubes in 2 types :
• Machined Type Venturi Tube : 1 inch to 8 inch Size
• Fabricated Type Venturi Tube : Above 8 inch size.
Scrubber for Alcohols & Gas :
Satyam provide a diverse range of scrubbers which are designed and manufactured for a range of applications for air pollution control in the on- and offshore petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, paper, food, nuclear power, cryogenic, and bio technology industries. This includes removing particulates and/or gases from industrial exhaust streams. Product types include gas scrubbers, air scrubbers and chemical scrubbers Scrubber for Alcohols & Gas
Our scrubber products are one of the main devices which help to control gas emissions and in particular acid gases, therefore contributing to a cleaner, safer environment. We design all our scrubber products according to client specifications and can include compartmented designs in a range of materials.
All of our scrubbers are fully welded and tested during the manufacturing process to ensure our highest quality standards are met. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) includes Leak Test, Hydraulic Pressure Test, Vacuum Test, Heat Treatment and Proof Load Test. Finishing techniques include bead and shot blasting, polishing, painting, pickling and passivating, and products can be glass or rubber lined. Scrubber for Alcohols & Gas
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Product Range :

Distillation Plants and Equipments
 • Distillation Columns
 • Distillation Column Trays
 Heat Exchangers
 • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
 • Agitators
 • Reactors
 • Agitator Tanks
 • Ribbon Blenders
Storage Tanks
 • Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
 • Chemical Storage Tanks
Reaction Vessels
Cylindrical-Conical Brewery     Fermentation Tanks
Aluminium Air Receiver Tanks
Pressure Vessels
Self Supported Chimneys
Manhole for Distillation Columns
Process Vessels
Ventury Tubes
Scrubber for Alcohole & Gas
Skids for Chemical Dosing &    Water Treatment Plants
Socket Weld Pipelines
Chemical Plant Customized     Equipments
Hastelloy Reaction Vessels
Inconel Process Vessels
Titanium and Titanium Alloys     Fabrication
Copper Process Vessels
Aluminum Fabrication
Stainless Steel Fabrication
Machined Flanges Fabrication
Pressed Components
   ( Bubble Caps )

We are manufacturers of Chemical Plants, Chemical Plant Equipments, Chemical Plant and our setup situated at Bhosari, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )