Agitators :

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Satyam specializes in design and manufacture of agitators for various applications. Backed with years of experience. Agitators
Our engineers have many years of experience in mechanical design and in manufacturing agitators up to 12mtr height and power ranging from 0.25HP to 300HP.
The construction of Satyam agitators has been standardized by our regular customers to a high degree of quality and reliability.
We use the most modern technology and design in the Manufacture of all types of agitators like
Top Entering Agitators
Bottom Entering Agitators
Side Entering Agitators
Inclined Mounting Agitators
Product Range :

Distillation Plants and Equipments
 • Distillation Columns
 • Distillation Column Trays
 Heat Exchangers
 • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
 • Agitators
 • Reactors
 • Agitator Tanks
 • Ribbon Blenders
Storage Tanks
 • Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
 • Chemical Storage Tanks
Reaction Vessels
Cylindrical-Conical Brewery     Fermentation Tanks
Aluminium Air Receiver Tanks
Pressure Vessels
Self Supported Chimneys
Manhole for Distillation Columns
Process Vessels
Ventury Tubes
Scrubber for Alcohole & Gas
Skids for Chemical Dosing &    Water Treatment Plants
Socket Weld Pipelines
Chemical Plant Customized     Equipments
Hastelloy Reaction Vessels
Inconel Process Vessels
Titanium and Titanium Alloys     Fabrication
Copper Process Vessels
Aluminum Fabrication
Stainless Steel Fabrication
Machined Flanges Fabrication
Pressed Components
   ( Bubble Caps )

We are manufacturers of Chemical Plants, Chemical Plant Equipments, Chemical Plant and our setup situated at Bhosari, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )