Agitator Tanks
Agitator Tanks
Agitator Tanks
Agitator Tanks

Agitator Tanks :

Induced Draft Hydro Generator
Desired requirement
Complete gas Consumption
Uniform mixing of Catalyst and proper throughout supervision
High Yield & reaction Productivity
Effective Recirculation of the reaction gases.
Agitator Tanks
Material of constructions: Equipped with latest machineries and having an working area up to the mark pays way to fabricate equipments out of exotic metals like Titanium, Hastelloy ‘B'& ‘C', Monel, Inconel, Zirconium, Stainless Steel & other special alloys.
Good qualified engineers and experienced technocrats never compromise for quality in tailoring the products. This has been maintained positively for all our products ranges.
SATYAM offers you the following :
Either jacketed or limpeted design. Agitator Tanks
Robust construction with necessary lantern design for drive assembly and proper shaft sealing system.
Option of magnetic coupled or standard agitator with mechanical seal
Wide range of operating temperature & pressure.
Higher productivity through high mass transfer rates.
Proper mechanical design for low maintenance & downtime.
Product Range :

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